Lobitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built on a commission-free, open source peer to peer electronic cash system. Transactions using Lobitcoin are done without the need for a central server or trusted parties. Users hold crypto keys to their own money and transact directly with each other, with the help of a P2P network to check for double spending.
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What is Lobitcoin
The Lobitcoin project was embarked on with the sole purpose of building on an existing but slightly flawed system while yet carving out new paths in the world of cryptocurrency. Lobitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that is commission-free and is built on an open source peer-to-peer electronic cash system. Transactions done using lobitcoin are executed without the help of a central server or trusted parties. Lobitcoin is a hard fork of the litecoin cryptocurrency and is built on the litecoin blockchain. It was created bearing in mind the present problems facing cryptocurrencies which include; transaction time and fee, privacy, central parties, micropayments etcetera.

Algorithm Scrypt


Block Reward

POW -POS-based lightning-speed transactions

Unique block rewards which benefit

the user as well

 the community in return.

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Lobitcoin Blockchain

Lobitcoin is used for payment transactions such as buying and paying for goods bought. The development team has been working round the clock securing, partnerships, deals, game integrations and merchant collaborations. Lobitcoin game integration is particularly exciting, LBT will be integrated into and be part of popular crypto games, mobile and PC games that accept cryptocurrencies as forms of payments for online game purchases. A Lobit exchange platform with lobitcoin as its base currency will also be built in the future.

Many of the lobitcoin collaborations will be announced pre-launch and others post-launch. Keeping up with the different announcement channels and community channels for lobitcoin is essential as information and updates of immense importance will be made known as the project goes forward. A proper look at the road map of this project shows the plan and direction that the lobitcoin team is working with.


The transactions Are lighting fast.


POS - POW  network protects transactions.

Zero transaction fee

Zero transaction fee

Block Rewwards

Block rewards

Algo Scrypt
Max Coin Supply 50,000,000
Max Block Size 1,000,000
Max Block Size Gen = Max Block Size/4
Block Reward 25
Block Time 60 Seconds
Max Scriptcheck Threads = 16
Difficulty reset: 1 Day
Halving time: 4 years
Coinbase Maturity 20 blocks
50 Million max supply
25 Million initial circulating supply
-Whitepaper release -Offline wallet launch -Airdrop/bounties -Private sale -Distribution of coin -first Exchange listing -Payment processor/merchant partnerships -Payment gateway/API integration -Partnership/integration of gaming tech and infographics
-Project launch -Socials release -Website launch -Web wallet release -More exchange listing -Launch of mobile miner -Mobile wallet release -More exchange listing -Development of lobit cryptocurrency exchange -Launch of lobit exchange platform -Further development
The LobitCoin team is dedicated to driving the new technology of open source electronic cash systems which is completely decentralized, offering a fast financial product for payment of goods and services globally as well as providing an equally effective product for game integration. With a team of dynamic, brilliant, experienced and sincere individuals we are committed to transparency, accountability and excellence. We remain goal oriented to ensure the creation of a product for mass adoption and acceptance in line with our core mandate. With LobitCoin we take a very brave stance in the crypto space, ensuring that transaction fees, which are akin to bank charges, are completely eliminated providing an easy and effective fast payment method for end users.
MATHIAS STORMS Co-founder/blockchain 4years experience in high level programming skills in various languages such as Javascript, PHP, Go, solidify. Been working with other crypto projects. Blockchain developer since 2016 and the youngest blockchain developer.
JUSTICE JAY Co-founder/CEO All round strategist, crypto currency investor and enthusiast, strong management skills, tech savvy, with a backlog of experience with many startups
YUSUF ENOMONA Social media manager/content creator A crypto enthusiast and experienced social media influencer/activist. Been involved in various cryptocurrency projects.
LUCKY AKOREDE KOREXE Cypto analyst/Graphic designer Huge experience as a freelancer, good designer and crypto analyst
DANIEL DANI President Crypto currency investor/enthusiast. Has helped various crypto start ups. Manager/owner of successful financial agency. Works hand in hand with team members to achieve goals JUSTIN UNMANNED Marketing/community manager E-commerce entrepreneur with experience in marketing, people management and leading troops for 5 years in the Marine Corps. Managed several successful crypto project groups, enjoys the outdoor and meeting people

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